Postcards from the Past – 1920

The Anchor of the Battleship, Maine - Arlington, VAThe Anchor of the Battleship Maine, Arlington, VA6/10/20

The postcard is addressed to Mrs. Jos. N. Buttell, 198 Hudson Avenue, Red Bank, NJ.  It reads: “Just completed our tour at the Arlington Cemetery.  Will be home Saturday afternoon.” Love Clint (?)

Postcards from the Past – Septber 17th -1964 – Norfolk

Norfolk, VANorfolk, VAThis postcard is to Miss Doreen Hotem who resided at 4901 Kenwood Avenue in Baltimore, MD.  It reads, “Say hello to everyone for us.  We are running so much I do not have the time to be writing.  See you when we get home.”  Love to All – Aunt Mildred & Uncle Lawrence.