Montgomery County Courthouse 1835

The courthouse where your  ancestors lived can unlock a variety of clues.  I have transcribed the notes below. I wish I knew the final outcome.

“The joint and severally answers of William Gardiner and Henrietta his wife to the bill of Ann William complainant.  These defendants answering for himself and herself and not one for the other answering say that Francis Simpson executed the deed of trust, mentioned in the complaintants bill to William Clarke for the purposes therein mentioned and they admit that the defendant William Gardiner purchased the land conveyed by a deed of trust, to Clarke and gave him single bills for the same as in the said bill is alleged and defendants admit that the said Clarke executed to this defendant Williams a bond of conveyance for the said land conditioned as in the said bill.

Your defendant admits that the complainant has become entitled to one of the single bills aforesaid and obtained judgement therein against the defendant Williams That another of said single bills was assigned by Williams blank to a certain Henry Jamison and that said Jamison obtained judgement thereon, and levied a fieri facias on a part of the lands aforesaid, then in posession of these defendants or instructed to do so and that the said Hobbs and Price have obtained posession  of a part of said lands for a sum much below their real value and Williams appointed to do the same because he was not able to help himself. These defendants further admit that the said William Gardiner did apply the bond of conveyance aforesaid to the said Gustavas Warfield without any valuable consideration or a merely nominal one and that the said Gustavas Warfield well knew the purchase money for the said land was not paid.  These defendants admit that said William has become insolvent and that William Price in said bill mentioned has been appointeed his Trustee and that William Clarke has not take the proper steps to execute the trust  esposed in him and theses defendants have nothing to oppose to the prayer of the complainants bill, but desire that the lands purchase by this defendant William may be sold. The several conditions of said Simpson satisfied out of the balance one from the _____Williams of said land and the surplus paid to the custody of this defendant William and if any remaining, that it be paid over to this case of the defendants Wife and child and these defendants admit that claim of the said plaintiff is due within a small amount but they are entitled to credit on the note remaining in Francis Simpson’s lands  an allowance for mistakes in calculating  the purchase money and other allowances which these defendants pray may be ascertained by the the ___and they as in duty ___will ever pray.

State of Maryland

Montgomery County, Maryland

On this the 7th day of November Anno Domini 1835.  Personally appeared before the subscriber a Justiceof the Peace in and for said county.  William Gardiner and Henrietta his wife and made oath on the Holy Evangely of Almighty by God, that the matter and things in the above answers stated are true as stated to the best of their knowledge and beliefs.”