News from Owen – 1964

Dear Folks:

A pretty time indeed to be thanking you for the pretty xmas card, but Allie’s desk is small and in some manner or other it got misplaced.  It was nice for you to remember us.  I am not at all well, and; she has be an infirmary partient now for 3 years. All started by a stroke; following the removal of cataracts.  I have not seen Wilson, Jr. for some time.  There seems to have been some changes at the filling station.  Hope you are both enjoying real good health.

Fondly, Owen W.G.

P.S. – My Brother Clarence passed awaylast Sunday in Rochester, NY












Postcards from the Past – December 30, 1909

Christmas Card - Hagerstown, MDChristmas card from Hagerstown, MDThis postcard has a postmark date of December 30, 1909.  It is addressed to Miss Mildred Glazier, Webster Mills, Fulton County, PA.  It reads: “Hello:

I hope you have spent a fine xmas.  I have been in Hagerstown for two weeks now taking it all in having a grand time wish you could be here.  Good Bye.  Ever Yours, Carrie

Postcards from the Past – July 19, 1928

P. & R. Station, Palmyra, PAP. & R. Station, Palymyra, PA.This postcard is addressed to: G.M. Bush, Shippan Point Sea Beach Drive, Stamford CT c/o Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Milligan.  It reads:

“Dear Max:

Hope you are all having a good time I know I am.  Be prepared to hear Heeney beat Tunny next Thursday night.  Aunt Mary took me to the show last night.  Will tell you more about it in my next letter.  Here’s a stamp for you, Don.  PS – Max will you tell Mother to save that stamp on her letter for me.

Postcards from the Past – August 12, 1909

Tunnel, Highland Park, Pittsburg, PATunnel, Highland Park, Pittsburg, PAThis postcard is addressed to Miss Hattie Henck R.F.D. No.2 in Landisburg, PA. It reads: “Dear Friends  I guess you thought I was never going to write but I have been so busy I have not had time write soon.” May

Postcards from the Past – Septber 17th -1964 – Norfolk

Norfolk, VANorfolk, VAThis postcard is to Miss Doreen Hotem who resided at 4901 Kenwood Avenue in Baltimore, MD.  It reads, “Say hello to everyone for us.  We are running so much I do not have the time to be writing.  See you when we get home.”  Love to All – Aunt Mildred & Uncle Lawrence.

Postcards from the Past – Landsdowne, Pa

Greeting from Landsdowne, PAThis postcard is addressed to Miss Mildred Glazier, Webster Mills, Fulton Co., PA.  It is from Lillian who resided at Essex Avenue in Landsdowne, PA.  It reads, ” Dear Little Millie – How is school going? Was you at the institute at the (tannery?) Rose C. is here now, arrived Saturday.  I expect to go to Lancaster Co. the last of this week for a few days.  Mr. Covall is here now so we have a nice little family.  Only had my ears pulled 22 times yesterday – By By LillianGreetings from Landsdowne, PA

Postcards from the Past – August 22, 1962

August 22, 1962

August 22, 1962

Addressed to Miss Lilian Schley Monocacy Hall Nursing Home Frederick, MD.  Card reads : Will tell you about the sights when we get home.  Arrived at St. Thomas today.  5 days on the Ocean.  Love Mary & Wilson.

View fomr Government Hill to the Harbor, St. Thomas, V.I.


Postcards from the Past – August 14, 1963

August 14, 1963

August 14, 1963

This postcard is addressed to Mr. & Mrs. N.W. Schley 2427 Stuart Avenue Richmond, VA.  It reads – Here we are!  Gosh – what a beautiful place & the food is grand.  Sorry it’s only for 3 days.  We fished today but did not catch too much.  It is grand and warm and the boys are having a ball.  Bob and I are too.  Will write when I get home.  Love, Betty.

Hasting-Miramar on the boardwalk, Ocean City, MD - Back

Postcards from the Past – March 30, 1942

Where Three States and Two Rivers Meet

Where Three States and Two Rivers Meet

The postcard is addressed to Mrs. Wilson Schley from E. Clarence Shepherd, an agent for Cigar-Whelan Stores Corp. on 52 N. Market Street, Frederick, MD.  The only words on the card are “Kindly Call.”


Postcards from the Past – October 6, 1951

Chief Justice Taney-Back

Chief Justice Taney-Back

My latest auction acquisition, from my favorite picker,  is a series of old postcards to residents of Frederick County, Maryland. Some of the cards are from prominent families and one recipient can even be traced back to the founding fathers of Frederick, Maryland. Please note I am not related to any of the senders nor recipients. I am only posting to hope that others will enjoy as much as I do.

Chief Justice Taney Shrine - Front

Chief Justice Taney Shrine – Front