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I recently found this photo in an antique store.  The names listed on the majorettes (L to R) are Betty Dawson, Lucille Hoffman, Becky Sixus (sp?) and Joann Boyer.  If they are your family members and you would like the photo please let me know.


Samuel Estill & Rosa Mills – UPDATE – 1/15/13

I am delighted to report that the marriage certificate detailed in a previous post has found a home!  We successfully tracked down a descendent who was thrilled to has to received the original marriage certificates complete with photo’s.

The family also shared a genealogical rundown as well.  If you are related to Samuel or Rosa and looking for more information please contact me and I will reach out to the descendents.


Madness Monday – Looking for descedants of Samuel Estill & Rosa Mills

I am looking to a pay it forward and do a good deed! Through my auction scout,  I recently came into the possession of an original marriage certificate for Samuel Estill (1824-1890) &  Rosa Mills (1852-1907). They were married in Menard County, Illinois in the year 1872. I have contacted several Ancestry trees owners with the subjects –  and to date no response. I would love to place this treasured heirloom in the hands of a descendant. Please share this post so we can return to the rightful owner.  I am not looking to sell this – only return for FREE.

Madness Monday – Delzell Family from Maryland

How does an entire family disappear?  There is literally no trace of this family after the 1850 census taken in Rockville, Maryland. 

Sarah Ann Robinson Worthing Clarke  married Robert Delzell on February 15, 1848 in Frederick, MD.  Delzell has several spelling variants and I have tried them all!

In August of 1850 the family in residing in Rockville, Maryland:

Robert Delzell (b. ca 1825) – head of house

Sarah Delzell (b. ca 1830) wife

James Delzell (b. ca 1848) son

Elizabeth Clarke (b. ca. 1794) mother-in-law

1850 Census Rockville, MD

 From a family bible I know that they had several other children

James W. N. Delzell (twin) b. 17 Dec 1848

Frances W. R. Delzell  (twin) b. December 17 Dec 1848 – she does not appear on the census perhaps she was decesed by 1850

Mary Ellen Delzell b. 23 Nov 1849 – d. 12 Dec1849

Charles Ridgely Delzell b. 13 Feb 1851 – d. 18 Jul 1851

Amanda Milvina Fitzellen Delzell b. 16 May 1852

Robert Basil Delzell b. 12 Jan 1854

Did all of the children pass away?  Looks like they suffered several deaths of infants. Since the mother Sarah got married again I assume that her husband also passed away sometime bet. 1850 and 1855.

On 18 Oct 1855,  Sarah Ann Robinson Worthington Clarke Delzell would marry John F. Carder in Allegany, Maryland.

After that I cannot find them anywhere.  Can anyone offer any clues?

Monday Madness – Gardiner from County Antrim Ireland

Looking for the parents of William Gardiner (born 1794) in County Antrim, Ireland.  Came to the USA @ 1819 with his sister, Catherine Gardiner and cousin William Clarke.  Oh Willie who the heck are you parents?

Below is an abrieviated time line for William, his wife Henrietta and son William H. Gardiner

William Gardiner Timeline
1790 Henrietta Simpson Gardiner born
1794 William Gardiner born in Ireland
1820 William Gardiner emmigrates to America
1822 William Gardiner filed declaration to become citizen in Rockville, MD
1823 William Gardiner marries Henrietta Simpson Rockville, MD
1825 William Gardiner becomes citizen of the US
1825 William Gardiner sells slave May Ann in Anne Arundel Co.
Liber JS 22 Folio 581 to Thomas Hammond of Frederick County, MD
1825 William H. Gardiner born son of William & Henrietta in Montgomery Co. MD Unity
1828 William & Henrietta Gardiner own 2 acres in Unity, MD 20 sq. ft of
land around a grave near the road leading from Henry C. Gaither’s house
Libor BS1
1829 William Gardiner received $2,000 from Dr. Gustavus Warfield
for slaves & belongings of house
1831 Sheriff Sale of William Gardiners property in Unity formarly owned by
Francis Simpson
1833 William Gardiner declared insolvent in Mo. Co. William Price set as trustee
other men mentioned William Lands & Henry Bushey
advertised in Md. Free Prep
1833 100 acres sold by William Clarke that belonged to Francis Simpson to satisfy debt
Hannahs Purchase & Brooke Grove
1833 William Gardiner rented house moved from Unity to protect his little sons life
1825-1834 Dr. Gustuvus Warfiled has accounts of doctor visits to the Gardiner’s
1835 William & Henrietta Gardiner gave testimony in the case of Williams vs. Clarke
1840 William & Henrietta moved to Clarksburg with son William H.
1850 William & Henrietta moved to Frederick, Co.
1851 William Gardiner & Son purchase farm on Glisans Mill Road
1852 Wiliam Gardiner & Son lose farm on Old Annapolis at Sheriffs sale by
Thornton Poole, trustee
1854 bond recorded state of Maryland from Thornton Poole paying bond to state
in accordance with the bond.
1857 Titus Atlas show a W. Gardiner in New Market adjacent to Mrs. Hammond
1858 William Gardiner dies
1859 Article published in National Intelligencer looking for William Clarke in case
Williams. Vs. Clarke
1860 William H. Gardiner, Ann and children on census with Henrietta in New Market, MD
1857 Titus Atlas shows then next to Mrs. Hammond.
1862 Richard Hammond to Henrietta Gardiner 9/26/1862 BGF 7 & Folio 706
took out mortgage to buy 4 acres of Peace & Plenty Farm. Mortgage was
assigned to James C. Clarke & recorded in BGF 8, 422
1863 Henrietta Gardiner writes to Governor Augustus Bradford telling of the alleged
swindling of her land by Chief Justice Richard J. Bowie when he served as her
general counsel.
1866 Henrietta Gardiner dies in Frederick County
1870 William H. Gardiner appears on the 1870 census with his family minus Henrietta in the New Market District 9 Urbana Post Office
of Urbana
1884 William H. Gardiner purchases “Addition to Unity” close to “Snowdens Purchase
at one time owned one of the boundary markers states “a store planted at the SW
corner of a lot formerly owned by Francis Simpson conveyed to Andrew Graff
1885 William H. & Ann F. Gardiner sell to Joshua Russell 4 acres of Peace & Plenty
William being the only legal heir.

Monday Madness – Walter Gardiner

William T. Gardiner and Josephine G. Gardiner had a son named Walter Gardiner born in 1913 in Pocahontas County, Grant, Iowa.  The 1915 Iowa census confirms this.  A family memoir states that he died in a forest fire in 1918.  I have been unable to locate a death record, tombstone or article for little Walter Gardiner (1913-1918).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Walter Gardiner Iowa 1915 census

Walter Gardiner Iowa 1915 census

What’s in a name?

I am looking for clues in this name – Sarah Ann Robinson Worthington Clarke – Can you help me solve this?”

The first Sarah Ann Robinson Worthington Clarke was born on April 15, 1826 and died May 5th of the same year. The second Sarah Ann Robinson Worthington Clarke was born June 22, 1830 in Frederick County, Maryland. The child of Elizabeth Simpson & William Clarke. Her father William, was born in Newtownards, County Down, Ireland on March 25, 1799. I assume that William carried on the Irish naming pattern from his native land. The pattern states that the first daughter is named after the mother’s mother. Interestingly enough they used the exact same name for daughter one and two.

SO I will now try to dissect the name to come up with clues

Sarah – This is easy and matches the naming pattern – Sarah is her maternal grandmothers name.

Ann – Her maternal great grandmother was Anne Ridgely – maybe after her?

Robinson – Not sure who this is

Worthington – This is her grandmother’s last name – Sarah Worthington

So I know where Sarah and Worthington come from. I think I know where Ann comes from, but what about Robinson? I have traced her maternal line back to the 1600’s with no mention of Robinson. Do you think Robinson or Ann Robinson could have been the name of her paternal grandmother?

Pictured is Elizabeth Simpson Clarke mother of Sarah.

Monday Madness – William Gardiner

scan0007William Gardiner is DRIVING ME CRAZY!  William Gardiner was born @1794 in Ireland,  he supposedly immigrated to the United States in 1819. I have been unsuccessful in finding immigration recrods.  Family lore has it he stowed away on the ship and traveled with his cousin William Clarke.  It is recorded in a family bible that William Clarke was from Newtownards, County Down, Ireland.  In March of 1820 he filed a declaration to become a citizen of the United States.  August 23, 1823 he married Henrietta Simpson in Rockville, MD.  1825 he became a citizen in the same year I have a bill of sales where he sold a slave in Anne Arundel County, MD.   The last record I have for him is when his farm was sold at a sheriff’s sale in 1852.  After that he totally disappeared. He is not buried with his wife or his son.  My father has been trying to locate his gravesite as well as where he came from in Ireland for over 35 years!! Come out, come out wherever you are!!!

 Pictured is William H. Gardiner – son of William Gardiner.

Brickwalls from Followers

Help our fellow genealogists and researchers with their brickwalls.  If you can help them out please do so.  Good deeds and random acts of kindness never go unnoticed.  Let us know is you were able to help someone, or where helped.

Sharon Crisafulli – @Crisafulli


1. Looking for family of Clara Siegelin Roeschlein born 9-17-1879 ;died 10-03-1911 parents Benjamin & Margaret, Clay, Indiana; married W. Herb She was raised in Clay, Indiana where she and husband Wm. Herbert Roeschlein lived. She died 3 years after they married. 1 child; Helen M. @debbieloveslife.

 2. End of the paper trail in Clifton, Mesa, Colorado 1910 Census for William O. PARMENTER and wife, Harriet Matilda HILL. @valeehill

3.  Looking for death records of Catherine Gardiner-Simpson died in Maryland 26 Mar 1878. @Crisafulli

4. Ok, My g-g-grandfather, William Sweetland, died before my g-grandmother was born. I’m on ancestry.com and can’t track him to his place of birth. Know death city and aprox time: Pitts 1834, can’t find birth. @KatyDidsCards

5. Puckett -3 Puckett men in Tazewell VA marry 3 Corel sisters in 1839-1842 WHERE did they come from? !?! @hawksdomain.

6.Looking for where my family came from  immigrating to US from either Ireland or England 1861 – 1910 in Preston, West Virginia and 1920’s & 1903’s in Garrett County, MD @lynj65

Hit a Brickwall? Twitter it!


Even the most skilled genealogist hits a brick wall in their research. That aloof, evasive relative that managed to dodge the census takers, avoid immigration records and seemingly was never buried upon their demise. 

I have been using Twitter to try to assist people with their ” .”  I follow the hashtag #genealogy, and when one of my fellow researchers shares their frustration of hittin’ the wall, I offer to help.  Yes, sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes on old, old data.  So the next time you have hit the wall, ask for help.

When using Twitter be sure to use the the hashtags, #genealogy and #brickwall.  Hopefully someone will assist you.  If you receive a random act of kindness be sure to pass it on.  If you are not using Twitter feel free to post your brick wall or road block on this blog.

 With that said, I have a brick wall that I need help on.  I have researched every avenue possible that I can think us using standard genealogical research protocol.

 Here is the background on my brick wall:

William Gardiner was born in Ireland @ 1796 he arrived in America between 1819 and 1823.  I have census records& naturalization records to substantiate birth year and year that he became a citizen.  I have not been able to locate immigration record and family stories state that he was a stow-away.  Would love to know where he came from in Ireland.