Josephine Bridget Fealy Sullivan

The Funeral Announcement of my Great Grandmother


Long Flight of Runaway Horse

Washington Post January 1, 1905

Ring of Kerry

My great grandfather, Terrence D. Sullivan, was born in 1865 in Loughfouder,Knocknagoshel County Kerry, Ireland. 100 years later I came along. As I prepare for my pilgrimage to the O’ Sullivan reunion and homestead I cannot help but stop and reflect upon the man I know so much, but yet so little about. Terrence Daniel Sullivan, son of James & Mary Connor O’ Sullivan was born in the year 1865. When he was 15 years of age he came to America.

While in America he worked as a harness maker in Washington, DC. It has been passed down thru family lore that he used the famous Irish stitch on the saddles he made.

In 1888, he married Josephine Bridget Fealy.  They would go on to have 9 children total with only three surviving to adulthood; one being my grandmother – Cecilia Sullivan.

I can’t keep my mind from wandering of the genealogical treasures that await in Loughfouder.  Will there be any evidence that my great grandfather once roamed the hills. Perhaps initials carved in the stone wall surrounding the homestead.  Perhaps a note he sent home neatly tucked in the family bible.

I depart in just a few days and  I will share with you my journey back to County Kerry, Ireland for the O’ Sullivan Family reunion.  I can’t help but feel the smiling eye’s of Terrence and Cecilia beaming down upon me.

Wordless Wednesday – Gardiner Children



The cute little fellow in the dress (front right) is my Grandfather -Bowlen Green Gardiner.

Monday Madness – Gardiner from County Antrim Ireland

Looking for the parents of William Gardiner (born 1794) in County Antrim, Ireland.  Came to the USA @ 1819 with his sister, Catherine Gardiner and cousin William Clarke.  Oh Willie who the heck are you parents?

Below is an abrieviated time line for William, his wife Henrietta and son William H. Gardiner

William Gardiner Timeline
1790 Henrietta Simpson Gardiner born
1794 William Gardiner born in Ireland
1820 William Gardiner emmigrates to America
1822 William Gardiner filed declaration to become citizen in Rockville, MD
1823 William Gardiner marries Henrietta Simpson Rockville, MD
1825 William Gardiner becomes citizen of the US
1825 William Gardiner sells slave May Ann in Anne Arundel Co.
Liber JS 22 Folio 581 to Thomas Hammond of Frederick County, MD
1825 William H. Gardiner born son of William & Henrietta in Montgomery Co. MD Unity
1828 William & Henrietta Gardiner own 2 acres in Unity, MD 20 sq. ft of
land around a grave near the road leading from Henry C. Gaither’s house
Libor BS1
1829 William Gardiner received $2,000 from Dr. Gustavus Warfield
for slaves & belongings of house
1831 Sheriff Sale of William Gardiners property in Unity formarly owned by
Francis Simpson
1833 William Gardiner declared insolvent in Mo. Co. William Price set as trustee
other men mentioned William Lands & Henry Bushey
advertised in Md. Free Prep
1833 100 acres sold by William Clarke that belonged to Francis Simpson to satisfy debt
Hannahs Purchase & Brooke Grove
1833 William Gardiner rented house moved from Unity to protect his little sons life
1825-1834 Dr. Gustuvus Warfiled has accounts of doctor visits to the Gardiner’s
1835 William & Henrietta Gardiner gave testimony in the case of Williams vs. Clarke
1840 William & Henrietta moved to Clarksburg with son William H.
1850 William & Henrietta moved to Frederick, Co.
1851 William Gardiner & Son purchase farm on Glisans Mill Road
1852 Wiliam Gardiner & Son lose farm on Old Annapolis at Sheriffs sale by
Thornton Poole, trustee
1854 bond recorded state of Maryland from Thornton Poole paying bond to state
in accordance with the bond.
1857 Titus Atlas show a W. Gardiner in New Market adjacent to Mrs. Hammond
1858 William Gardiner dies
1859 Article published in National Intelligencer looking for William Clarke in case
Williams. Vs. Clarke
1860 William H. Gardiner, Ann and children on census with Henrietta in New Market, MD
1857 Titus Atlas shows then next to Mrs. Hammond.
1862 Richard Hammond to Henrietta Gardiner 9/26/1862 BGF 7 & Folio 706
took out mortgage to buy 4 acres of Peace & Plenty Farm. Mortgage was
assigned to James C. Clarke & recorded in BGF 8, 422
1863 Henrietta Gardiner writes to Governor Augustus Bradford telling of the alleged
swindling of her land by Chief Justice Richard J. Bowie when he served as her
general counsel.
1866 Henrietta Gardiner dies in Frederick County
1870 William H. Gardiner appears on the 1870 census with his family minus Henrietta in the New Market District 9 Urbana Post Office
of Urbana
1884 William H. Gardiner purchases “Addition to Unity” close to “Snowdens Purchase
at one time owned one of the boundary markers states “a store planted at the SW
corner of a lot formerly owned by Francis Simpson conveyed to Andrew Graff
1885 William H. & Ann F. Gardiner sell to Joshua Russell 4 acres of Peace & Plenty
William being the only legal heir.

Genealogist or Ghostbuster?

It was the day after All Hallows Eve –  the neighborhoods streets still lined with jack-o-lanterns and my paranormal senses still on overload from a ghost tour I had taken the night previous.  I ventured out to the Central Church Cemetery in the countryside of Maryland surrounded by gorgeous autumnal views of the mountains, a spectacular array of colored foliage and the smell of outdoor fires.
I am a frequent visitor to the cemetery that holds the remains of my ancestors. Wrapped in my warm jacket I methodically made my way up and down the rows, taking note of the names on faded stones and lamenting the fact that so many stones have recently fallen over. Today was a little different from my previous trips.  I had the strangest sensation of being watched.

I turned to look at the small and empty white chapel that sits outside the cemetery gates. I thought I saw movement in the window – despite an empty parking lot and locked door.  I snapped two photo’s of the chapel with my blackberry camera phone.  Stared a while at the window – seeing nothing out of the ordinary I decided to call it a day and head home.

After dinner, I started uploading tombstone photo’s when I ran across the photo of the chapel… I got the goosebumps.  The two photo’s of the chapel seem to have a shadowy figure looking out the window.  Is this my imagination gone wild or do you see it too?

Central Church Cemetery

Central Church Cemetery

Inez Vistula Bowlen Gardiner


I love when I stumble upon an obituary for a family member that is well written and informative.  The following obituary is for my Great-Grandmother Inez Bowlen Gardiner.  As the obit states she was riding in the car with my grandparents while taken ill and rushed to the hospital. What it neglects to mention is that she was holding my father, Bernard L. Gardiner in her arms.

Frederick New Post,  December 20, 1932.

Tombstone Tuesday – Little Robert

Photograph Courtesy of Bob Carney

Photograph Courtesy of Bob Carney

Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, MD –  Little Robert son of W.Y. & N.C. Page

Born September 29,1866

Died January 10, 1870

Tombstone Tuesday – Caroline & C.W. Sinn


Photograph Courtesy of Bob Carney

Caroline & C.W. Sinn

I love this time of year, the gorgeous autumnal colors, cool crisp temperatures and of course Halloween.  My friend Bob Carney is a local photographer with a lot of talent.  A while back he and his photography cohorts did a photo walk at Mt. Olivet.  I love this picture for a couple of reasons – Firstly the surname on the tombstone is “SINN”, and secondly the “ghostly” apparition between the stone. Look between the two tombstones – do you see anything?  Funny how much the image resembles my friend Bob.


Tombstone Tuesday – Simpson Family

While walking around Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland, I ran into the graves of some distant relatives. Below is the tombstone for Paul D. Simpson and his wife Ada W. I also found several other realtive buried in the general proximity. Reviewed the family tree and it appears that Paul Dittmar Simpson (1896-1982) was the son of Ridgely D. Simpson and Annie F. Albaugh. Ridgely was the son of Basil J.F. Simpson and Laura Nusbaum. The handsome Simpson marker is what first caught my attention.

Simpson Marker

Paul & Ada Simpson