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Tombstone Tuesday – Little Robert

Photograph Courtesy of Bob Carney

Photograph Courtesy of Bob Carney

Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, MD –  Little Robert son of W.Y. & N.C. Page

Born September 29,1866

Died January 10, 1870

Tombstone Tuesday – Caroline & C.W. Sinn


Photograph Courtesy of Bob Carney

Caroline & C.W. Sinn

I love this time of year, the gorgeous autumnal colors, cool crisp temperatures and of course Halloween.  My friend Bob Carney is a local photographer with a lot of talent.  A while back he and his photography cohorts did a photo walk at Mt. Olivet.  I love this picture for a couple of reasons – Firstly the surname on the tombstone is “SINN”, and secondly the “ghostly” apparition between the stone. Look between the two tombstones – do you see anything?  Funny how much the image resembles my friend Bob.


Tombstone Tuesday – Simpson Family

While walking around Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland, I ran into the graves of some distant relatives. Below is the tombstone for Paul D. Simpson and his wife Ada W. I also found several other realtive buried in the general proximity. Reviewed the family tree and it appears that Paul Dittmar Simpson (1896-1982) was the son of Ridgely D. Simpson and Annie F. Albaugh. Ridgely was the son of Basil J.F. Simpson and Laura Nusbaum. The handsome Simpson marker is what first caught my attention.

Simpson Marker

Paul & Ada Simpson