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News from Owen – 1964

Dear Folks: A pretty time indeed to be thanking you for the pretty xmas card, but Allie's desk is small and in some manner or other it got misplaced.  It was nice for you to remember us.  I am not at all well, and; she has be an infirmary partient now for 3 years. All started by a stroke; following … [Read More...]

Postcards from the Past – 1920

6/10/20 The postcard is addressed to Mrs. Jos. N. Buttell, 198 Hudson Avenue, Red Bank, NJ.  It reads: "Just completed our tour at the Arlington Cemetery.  Will be home Saturday afternoon." Love Clint (?) … [Read More...]

Postcards from the Past – York Springs, PA – 1923

This postcard contains a postmark dated February 28, 1923 from York Springs, PA.  It is addressed to Miss Edna Wagner, York Springs, R.D.#2, York Springs, PA.  It reads: "Friend Edna - first a couple lines to let you know we are having spelling at our school if the teacher does not get the grippe.  … [Read More...]

Postcards from the Past – December 30, 1909

This postcard has a postmark date of December 30, 1909.  It is addressed to Miss Mildred Glazier, Webster Mills, Fulton County, PA.  It reads: "Hello: I hope you have spent a fine xmas.  I have been in Hagerstown for two weeks now taking it all in having a grand time wish you could be here.  Good … [Read More...]

Postcards from the Past – July 19, 1928

This postcard is addressed to: G.M. Bush, Shippan Point Sea Beach Drive, Stamford CT c/o Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Milligan.  It reads: "Dear Max: Hope you are all having a good time I know I am.  Be prepared to hear Heeney beat Tunny next Thursday night.  Aunt Mary took me to the show last night.  … [Read More...]

Postcards from the Past – August 12, 1909

This postcard is addressed to Miss Hattie Henck R.F.D. No.2 in Landisburg, PA. It reads: "Dear Friends  I guess you thought I was never going to write but I have been so busy I have not had time write soon." May … [Read More...]

Postcards from the Past – Septber 17th -1964 – Norfolk

This postcard is to Miss Doreen Hotem who resided at 4901 Kenwood Avenue in Baltimore, MD.  It reads, "Say hello to everyone for us.  We are running so much I do not have the time to be writing.  See you when we get home."  Love to All - Aunt Mildred & Uncle Lawrence. … [Read More...]

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